Craft IPA Previews

On the Gulch / South Broad Tour you’ll visit 4 of Nashville’s local craft breweries: Yazoo, Tennessee Brew Works, New Heights, and Czann’s. In case you’re unfamiliar with these, we wanted to give you a preview of some of our favorite beers from each.

In no particular order, here they are!

Yazoo Hop Perfect IPA

An easy-drinking India Pale Ale, made with Citra and Mosaic hops that lend a citrus and grapefruit aroma to an already well-balanced lighter bodied beer.

Description and photo © Yazoo Brewing Co.
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Tenn. Brew Works Cutaway Rye IPA

The Cutaway provides a perfect balance between the rye and IPA beer styles. Starting with a bouquet of grapefruit and tangerine on the nose it works in harmony with the spicy and earthy tones that play on the palate.

Description and photo © Tennessee Brew Works
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New Heights IPA

Subtle malt complexity gives way to the heart of this beer—the hops. Piney and resinous with notes of grapefruit, our flagship IPA showcases our hop forward approach and creates a balanced bitterness that hop-heads will love.

Description © New Heights Brewing
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Czann’s IPA

Features citrus flavored hops. An unfiltered ale with balanced bitterness and light crystal malt makes this version a “drinkable” IPA.

Description and photo © Czann’s Brewing Co.
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Of course all of the breweries have lots of other options, and you’ll hear about those later.

We’ll see you on the tour!

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