Launching Nashville Bicycle Brewery Tours!

We’re so excited to bring bicycle brewery tours to Nashville! Nashville is a great city with a lot to offer, but a few weeks ago we realized there are no bicycle tours that specifically visit the craft breweries around town. So, we put our heads (and mugs) together, and decided to start NBBT.

Although we’re nearing the end of summer and getting close to the autumn season, there should be plenty of amazing weather that will be perfect for bike riding. Nashville tends to have pretty cold winters, but we suspect that there will be some bicycle-friendly weather even into November. And we all know it’s never too hot or too cold for a good beer 🙂

If you’ve checked out our bookings page, you’ll see that right now there are just two tours that (collectively) visit 7 breweries. These selections were made based on their proximity to downtown and to each other. If there are other breweries that you’d like to experience, please send us a message through our contact form (at the bottom of our home page) or email us at and we’ll try to add it to a future tour.

We’ll see you on the tour!

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